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 This year HALE TALENT is celebrating 26 years of being in business.  I hope to have work for everyone!  It is a pleasure representing you!

Thanks to all who attended the workshops on Feb. 29.  Everyone did a great job!

Stay tuned to this site for future workshops.

Remember that really good actors continue to study their craft, so avail yourselves of all the excellent workshops and acting classes throughout the city.

ACTORS, DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS, ALL FILM AND COMMERCIAL PROJECTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED OR POSTPONED.  Hopefully, this horrible disease will end soon, and we can get back to "normalcy."  I am praying for all of you.  PLEASE STAY SAFE! Becky Hale

 Actor/teacher/director/writer VELEKA GRAY will be teaching weekly acting classes. You can contact Veleka for more information: (504) 812-3379.

Actors, remember that good actors continue to study their craft.  Avail yourselves of the excellent acting teachers in our area.

Actors, please keep headshots and resumes updated on both Actors Access and Casting Networks.  This is the way that I submit you for work!

Actors, please let your agent know if you have a new phone number and/or a new email address.  I have to be able to reach you!  Also, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS EVERY DAY.

Actors, if you change your appearance (shorter hair; got rid of beard; different color of hair), please let me know.  When I submit your headshots, you need to look like the headshots.

Actors, DO NOT POST YOUR VIDEO AUDITIONS ON ANY PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA SITE.  If you do this, this could be the reason you are not booked for the job.

An acting book that I highly recommend (one of the best acting books that I have read) is AUDITION! by Michael Shurtleff.  It is available in paperback at Barnes and Noble.  I don't get a kick-back for recommending this book.  I just think it's an excellent book.

Actors, most acting books will tell you that you should keep in contact with your agent often.  Every two or three weeks, you should email me to check in.  You are not bothering me.  If I haven't heard from you in months, I will assume you don't want any more acting work.

A GREAT GIFT FOR MUSIC LOVERS: THE JAZZ CD "THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU" BY THE VERY TALENTED SINGER NANCY FISHER. You can listen to a sample of the CD on cdbaby.com.  This CD is a tribute to my late husband, musician RICHARD HALE.  
To order the CD, send a check or money order for $22 ($20 for the CD and $2 for postage) to:  Hale Talent, LLC
      3220 N. Arnoult Road
      PMB 112
      Metairie, LA 70002
Nancy's photo on the front cover of the CD was taken by CARLTON MICKLE, a very talented photographer I highly recommend.